McLean, Bruce

'On the Ball', 'Fear of the Spot' & 'The Goal Keeper' by Bruce McLean (born 1944) original prints, silkscreens/serigraphs published in 1991 by Christies Contemporary Art in an edition of 50. These are in matching edition numbers, 25/50 and are in matching unique designer frames. Bruce Mclean is a leading figure in British contemporary art, famous for his abstract paintings, sculptures and prints as well as his curious techniques and witty titles. Operating in a permanent state of movement and invention, he playfully creates work in all forms of media, and from the late 1960s has experimented with painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, photography, drawing and live performance. Humour, scepticism and wit play a central role, with the artist often parodying the art world and established art forms. Mclean’s work seeks to challenge the concept of ‘sculpture’ and indeed of ‘art’ by creating work that questions establishment thinking, materials and methods of display.