'Study Moi Wong in Blue Dress'

'Study Moi Wong in Blue Dress'

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H: 82cm (32.3")W: 63.5cm (25")

£6,000.00 Approx $7614.21, €7017.54

'Study Moi Wong in Blue Dress' oil on stretched canvas: 820 x 635mm by Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) signed by Moi Wong to verso complete with a closed-corner slip in gold  metal leaf rubbed through on sight edges to red  bole within an ROL closed-corner black  hand-painted frame and glazed. This was the first time Robert had painted Moi and her body language shows her nervousness and apprehension; avoiding eye contact, arms straight out down by her side, legs crossed and her dress pulled well over her knees.