'La Muerte de Tiziano' 2003

'La Muerte de Tiziano' 2003

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H: 98cm (38.6")W: 118cm (46.5")

£20,000.00 Approx $25380.71, €23391.81

'La Muerte de Tiziano' 2003 oil on board, image size: 980 x 1180mm by Andrés García Ibáñez (born 1971) signed and dated ’03  to the upper right; together with a gallery stock label to verso: Halcyon Gallery : Artist: Andrés García Ibáñez : Title: ‘La Muerte de Tiziano’ : Artist code: AIB-OIL-POR-67796 : Stock Code: 67796; complete within a closed-corner unique designer frame by Christopher Salmon hand-painted black and rubbed through on sight edges to red bole overall size: 1190 x 1400mm. Provenance: exhibited in 2003 at The Halcyon Gallery Ltd., 29 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London W1X 7DB. 

The inspiration for the painting was that as he, the artist, and Andy Warhol had both exhibited in this particular town, then who would now want to be looking at the work of  Tiziano Vecelli when they are in town?!