'Pampelonne' 2014

'Pampelonne' 2014

Code: 10181


H: 22.7cm (8.9")W: 17cm (6.7")

£700.00 Approx $886.08, €816.8

'Pampelonne' 2014 oil on stretched canvas: 222 x 170mm by Henrietta Dubrey (born 1966) inscribed with title and signed to verso within a closed-corner designer frame hand-painted white

An introduction to Henrietta Dubrey's Figurative Art by Olivia McEwan, June 2014: 

“Henrietta Dubrey’s female nudes are ferocious; primitive, boldly linear and curvaceous; they face the viewer centrally, frontally, with a knowing confidence. Set against flat, brilliant backgrounds of solid colour, despite their comparatively muted flesh tones, visually they engulf the surface plane as the focal point of attention. These are pieces which through rapid and determined painting a tangible sense of movement and poise communicates itself forcibly. Depicted with faux-naïve simplicity with more than a nod to primitivism, these figures are unabashed and luxurious in their femininity, the sex stark and strangely integrated into the geometric formation of the body. Inspired thus by the giants of linearity, Picasso, Le Corbusier and Hockney, Dubrey brings us a thoroughly contemporary image of the female, draped in cutting edge or avant-garde clothing. Indeed, sensitive to forward thinking fashion and the diffusion of imagery through modern photography, this is made apparent in the strong sense of unwavering focus throughout the works; that an image, once conceived, is rapidly recorded onto canvas with ruthless efficiency.”