'Gondolas at rest, Venice' 1999

'Gondolas at rest, Venice' 1999

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H: 61cm (24")W: 76cm (29.9")

£3,000.00 Approx $3797.47, €3500.58

'Gondolas at rest, Venice' 1999 oil on stretched canvas: 610 x 760mm by John Ambrose (1931-2010) signed to lower left with a closed-corner pale-cream slip within a close-corner gold metal-leaf frame.

John Ambrose was a talented impressionistic painter whose paintings of Cornwall enjoy pride of place in collections throughout the world. A kind, generous, welcoming and modest man who quite simply loved working in his studio beside the beach in St Ives and his paintings reflect his approach to life and his warmth. I recall that he took a trip to Paris and to Venice on a painting expedition sponsered by the international art dealer Mike Chafen who was based in Andora. It apparently snowed whilst John was in Venice and Mike was taken aback when he saw a number of paintings John had produced in Venice that were under snow! "How am I going to find buyers for these?" Mike exclaimed in annoyance. On the other hand I thought they were special and offered to acquire them and I recall how pleased and relieved Mike was by the offer. Incidentally, they were much appreciated and I found collectors for them very quickly!